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Jen Stevens Voice Coaching

Find Your Voice

A range of voice coaching and masterclasses/talks including 1-1 private tuition and singing for self-expression, confidence, and healing.


About Jen Stevens Voice Coaching

An experienced and passionate live performer, songwriter and teacher, Jen offers a range of voice coaching and masterclasses/talks including:- 

1-1 private tuition for seasoned professionals who need a helping hand for recording sessions, tours, auditions, or the rigours of nightly performances.

1-1 private tuition for beginners and intermediate singers who are working towards taking their singing into the professional domain, wanting to find their 'true voice,' or simply take it to the next level by improving technique or adding style or emotion.

Every lesson tailored to meet each individual's needs.

Working with existing choirs/groups on aspects of vocal technique, harmony, presentation and musical style - either as one-off, or as a series of sessions.

Masterclasses and talks aimed at developing skills and understanding the holistic side of vocal health, attitude, musical style and singing technique.

Singing for self-expression, confidence, and self-healing.

Songwriting masterclasses.

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Contact Me

Jen Stevens Voice Coaching
Unit 15U
Prospect House
Amos Ayre Place
Tyne & Wear
NE34 9PE

07432 710016

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